Marchesi Srl has been the leading company in the production of components for electrochemical systems, spare parts for pumps and electric pumps, current inverters and other industrial items. The years of activity have allowed the Parma company to become a real point of reference, on national and international territory, for the reference sector.

The various types of products and processes are dealt with in greater detail in the following paragraphs. For further information, you can contact the number 0521 671853, write an e-mail to


Spare parts and components for vertical axis pumps and submersible electric pumps

In the field of spare parts and components for vertical or submersible electric pumps and pumps, Marchesi Srl has been producing a wide range of parts for decades. Among these are:

  • bushings or bushings or liners, chromed or non-chromed, of any size in brass (OT58);
  • bushings or bushings or shirts, chromed and non-chromed, in iron;
  • bushings or bushings or liners, chromed and non-chromed, in stainless steel;
  • threaded rod junction sleeves.


Components for electrochemical plants

The company designs and manufactures components for electrochemical plants such as short circuiters for electrolysis cells and related spare parts, flexible connections, sacrifice contacts, copper stems and other details for electrolytic cells especially for chlor-alkali plants.

Having technologically advanced equipment and systems, Marchesi Srl is able to produce components that meet high quality requirements.


Current inverters

The Parma company also deals with the design and production of manual and pneumatic current inverters for galvanic plants, in particular for use in chromium plating, nickel plating, cataphoresis, copper plating, zinc plating, silver plating, gold plating, platinum plating, rhodium plating, electropolishing of ‘steel.

Marchesi Srl’s customers include small, medium and large companies active in the most varied sectors, from the goldsmith to the electrochemical one.