Marchesi Srl puts its consolidated expertise in the sector at the service of its customers thick hard chromium plating, mechanical turning/milling processes and pre-grinding and industrial grinding operations. Many years of experience, combined with the use of very useful generation systems, allows the company to carry out treatments even on complex parts or with irregular geometries.

Flexibility in manufacturing, combined with precision and compliance with regulations, have allowed Marchesi Srl to acquire a large and varied market, becoming a real point of reference at national and international level.


Machining of turning and milling

The Parma-based company has a workshop capable of carrying out mechanical machining, mainly turning and milling, on medium-large sized parts with traditional and numerically controlled machine tools. The latter, completely managed by a computer system, allow you to carry out machining and treatments on any article.


Thick electrogalvanic chromium plating

Thick hard chromium plating is a surface treatment of metals called “hard chromium plating” and consists of the electro-galvanic deposition of a chromium layer on the surface of the piece to be treated, with characteristics of very high resistance and anti-wear function. This makes it possible to solve some problems relating to parts which are considerably stressed during operation.

Marchesi Srl has a chrome plating plant at its disposal which has always operated in full compliance with the strictest health and environmental standards. The hard chrome plating treatment can be performed on various types of metal, such as iron, steel, nickel, copper and others.


Pre-grinding and industrial grinding of chromed and non-chromed parts

Marchesi Srl performs adjustments and pre-adjustments on behalf of third parties, using numerical control machines. The processes performed are characterized by high precision and excellent quality of the machined surfaces. Deliveries are completed quickly, guaranteeing punctual assistance service at every stage, from design to delivery.


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