International leader in production of bushings in stainless steel, Marchesi Srl operates at its factory located in via Cremonese n. 112/A a Parma. The long experience gained in the sector, constantly in step with the times thanks to continuous courses and updates, has allowed the company to acquire a large clientele operating in the most varied industrial fields: from the goldsmith to the mechanical one, from the automotive to the nautical, and others. The reputation of the Parmesan company is consolidated and recognized, thanks to the possibility of supplying innovative and customized solutions for every application and need.

High performance bushings in stainless steel

The stainless steel bushings produced by Marchesi Srl ensure high anti-wear quality and high resistance to oil, acids and other potentially harmful elements with which they may come into contact. Using numerical control machinery, technologically advanced and constantly subjected to revisions, the company can ensure production batches of small, medium and large quantities always characterized by high precision and quality. The bushings can be customized and designed by the customer, who is assisted by specialized personnel at every stage from design to final delivery. Productions based on drawings/samples do not require minimum quantities.

The stainless steel bushings can be created with a lead-free anti-friction coating, which offers a reduced coefficient of friction and, consequently, less wear. At the same time, they are characterized by very good sliding qualities and a high level of resistance to chemicals and friction. They guarantee a good possibility of use also in combination with specific lubricants.

The staff of Marchesi Srl is happy to provide you with further details: you can call 0521 671853 or write an e-mail to to obtain further information on the work performed, to make an appointment with the technicians at the Parma office, or to find out the availability of components/spare parts in the warehouse.