Chromed compasses, shirts and bushings

Marchesi Srl specializes in the production of Chromed compasses, chrome shirts and chrome bushings. With decades of experience in the sector, the company is an international point of reference for the design and manufacture of a large variety of components and spare parts for the mechanical, electrochemical, pneumatic, galvanic and other sectors.

Thanks to highly trained personnel and continuous sector updates, the company based in Parma has over the years acquired a loyal clientele made up of companies operating in the most varied sectors, from goldsmith to electrochemical.


Components for vertical and submersible pumps

Among the main productions of Marchesi Srl in the field of components for pumps and electric pumps, with vertical axis or submersible, there are chromed bushings, bushings and liners. Made of brass, stainless steel or iron, with a thick chromed external surface, they allow to protect the shafts of vertical pumps from wear.

In this way it is possible to obtain significant savings on the costs of spare parts, prolonging the life of the transmission axles and avoiding their replacement. The chromed liners produced by the Parma company, made in various sizes, have an external tolerance that adapts to the coupling with the bush. The latter, created on request in any thickness and size, is able to allow the bushing to work in optimal conditions.

Marchesi Srl produces chrome-plated bushings only upon specific request, while it has a large warehouse constantly stocked with rubber-only and hydro-lubricated brass bushings. The proposed products are ideal for use in the industrial sector, in particular for vertical and submersible pumps, or for the nautical sector.

The production of Marchesi Srl takes place entirely in Italy, using only reliable suppliers who offer certified materials, for which it is possible to request chemical and mechanical analysis.

It is possible to request more details on the processes, request a free and no-obligation quote, or make an appointment at the headquarters in via Cremonese 112/A, by calling +39 0521 671853.